Web Maps for MapInfo Professional

Web Maps Service allows you to view Google Street View data from inside MapInfo Professional.
Includes photo geocoding service.


Current version: 12.0.52 (2020)





Minimal system requirements

  • MapInfo Professional 9.5+


To install Web Maps for your user account, follow these steps: Download the installer file. If prompted, click "Run" or "Save". If you have saved the installer, double-click the installer file to start the installation process. The program integrates into MapInfo Professional automatically. You will find Web Maps toolbar in MapInfo Professional.


Web Maps toolbarClick the icon to activate the tool and click on the map. Use icon for setting global preferences and product activation.


Mastersoft Web Maps Transformation

If you are using non-earth layers you can set the projection to be used for transformation. You may preset more projections and later switch between them. Use such a projection, which most corresponds to the coordinates used by layer objects.

Undock windows

Undock windows

You can undock Web Maps windows so that they can be displayed for example on a second monitor. If the window is undocked, select the "Dock to main Window" item on the pop-up menu to return the window to MapInfo Professional main window.


Web Maps is available as trial and paid version. The operation of the Trial version is not time limited. In trial version the amount of displayed contents and the amount of set up queries may be restricted. Despite daily limit reached, the program will work the next day. Advertisements can be displayed in the contents. The registered version of Web Maps by default do not show location based ads but you can turn them on.

An example of Google Ads (in the lower left corner of the window).

An example of Google Ads (in the lower left corner of the window)


Web Maps ServicePrice
Trial - The operation of the Trial version is not time limited.Free
Subscription57€ per year
VAT is not included in the prices above.


When the Web Maps program connects to the Mastersoft server, information about the software version of Web Maps and the activation key are sent, based on proven information, the program allocates adequate functionality. We can also record standard computer information which typically include, for example, your IP address, regional and language settings. Personal data will only be collected if you freely provide us with them as part of the order process. Google’s Privacy Policy and terms of service as well as contents contained by Web Maps.